European-Mediterranean Refugee Crisis

The European migrant crisis, also known as the refugee crisis, is characterised by high numbers of people arriving in the European Union overseas from across the Mediterranean Sea or overland through Southeast Europe. It is part of a pattern of increased immigration to Europe from other continents which began in the mid-20th century. In March 2019, the European Commission declared the migrant crisis to be at an end. However, the issue hasn’t been resolved, as seen through recent events in Italy and Greece. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) observed that the top three nationalities among over 1 million refugees arriving from the Mediterranean Sea were Syrian (46.7%), Afghan (20.9%) and Iraqi (9.4%). Many refugees that arrived in Italy and Greece came from countries where armed conflict was ongoing or which otherwise were considered to be "refugee-producing" and for whom international protection is needed.
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12th September 2020

13th September 2020

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