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3:35 PM
Why is NITL different?
NITL promises to give you what you desire – real, unadulterated and true news. Information which is both useful and entertaining. An experience which never made its way to how you consume news, well… until now.
AI powered core with content 100+ international sources who dedicate their lives to the profession and provide news stories worth your time
Summaries are only fun when they can be retained and recalled at the right time and that’s why we use the power of three to help discern the information
Socially Conscious
A platform designed to voice opinions. To re iterate, we make sure make you are the centre of attention. Your opinions are important to us. Always.
Finally a place where I actually enjoy reading the news!
SN Jamieson
Great app. Makes it easy and quick to keep up to date with news all around the world. And the "Happy news" option is a much-needed feature nowadays for those who want (or need) a lighter perspective of the news.
Talise Souza
Useful links, I enjoy that you can pick a particular focus but still have the opportunity to look at other subjects and countries.
Alie Dewar
Mobile App of the year
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