Frequently asked questions

Do you take any personal information from users?

No. You don’t provide any personal information as a user in order to use NITL.

How do you deliver your content?

Our news stories are aggregated from 50+ sources and categorised into 18+ topics. We always try to give you the most accurate news. We try to have as broad a coverage as possible, in terms of both geography and perspective. Stories are then summarised by our AI and verified by our content team before being pushed to the app.

How do you define NITL Picks?

NITL Picks are a mix of breaking stories that our editorial team carefully selects, and stories that you might otherwise not find while browsing online.

How do you ensure that the right content is given to each user?

When users first login to the NITL app, they choose topics they are interested in. This forms the foundation of their feed. So when you go to your “My News” section, you only see news that you’re interested in.

What is your vision?

We want to change the paradigm of content consumption and create a culture where people enjoy getting informed with the facts and then think critically for themselves. To do this, we want to make NITL the best news app possible for iOS and Android devices.

What is your mission?

We’re here to reinvent news consumption. In three lines. 😉

Why did you create NITL?

In other platforms, only 5% of the content we consume daily is fact-checked. We want to change that with NITL and foster a culture of critical thinking.

What will you do with my country information?

When you select a country, your “Local News” section shows the latest stories from that country. We don’t use that information for anything else.

How do you make money?

We partner with brands that align with our values to show you updates from them in topics that you are interested in. We might also have surveys in the future that you can opt into, to help these brands make products that are most useful to you.

Will NITL always be free?

Yes. NITL will always be free to use.

Will you show me ads?

We will never interrupt your news-reading experience with regular ads. We might cover news covering the brands we work with.

Want to be part of the revolution?

If you’re interested in creating a culture of intellectual content consumption with the NITL app, we would love to hear from you!

Message us on our social media channels or send us an email on