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Is outdoor learning beneficial?
Outdoor learning is beneficial
  • Studies have revealed that outdoor education can be a key factor in avoiding childhood obesity and helps learners be in natural surroundings that develop their senses and leads to physiological and psychological growth - JBCN International School.
  • High-quality outdoor learning develops reflective and inquisitive thinking along with problem-solving in “real” situations - Independent School Parent.
  • Experts say that outdoor learning is quite beneficial to students because it makes them healthier and happier, and they do better academically - Learning Liftoff.
Outdoor learning is not beneficial
  • Traditional education has been around since forever and it seems like its numerous perks will make it impossible for it to be entirely replaced by any other learning format such as outdoor learning - University of the Potomac.
  • Without easy access to research materials held by the university and everything that the library has to offer, a student cannot always reach their full potential with in-depth study in a particular field - University of the Potomac.
  • Traditional instruction seems to be the best solution to give attention to the underachieving students - University of the Potomac.
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