Debate On
Should everyone be vegan?
Veganism reduces animal cruelty and greenhouse gas emissions amongst other things.
  • Animal husbandry promotes excessive consumption of meat and dairy while harming the environment.
    26 of 105 votes
  • We can get all our nutrients from plants and plant-based products.
    14 of 105 votes
  • Veganism is more ethical and would make society healthier.
    28 of 105 votes
No one should be forced to follow any diet regardless of its impacts on the environment and society.
  • Humans have been hunting and farming animals for meat since the beginning, as it is a natural thing to do.
    14 of 105 votes
  • Plant-based products are more expensive which can't be afforded by most low-income people.
    16 of 105 votes
  • Animal husbandry can also be made ethical to prevent cruel treatment of animals/poultry.
    7 of 105 votes

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