Debate On
Legalisation of recreational drugs
Recreational drugs should be legalised
  • Every individual has the freedom and right to use drugs as long as it doesn't harm others
    23 of 97 votes
  • If they are legalised, there will be higher regulation and control over its quality, being less toxically harmful
    39 of 97 votes
  • Legalisation will bring a more effective treatment of addictions
    7 of 97 votes
Recreational drugs should not be legalised
  • Drugs kill, and therefore legalising them will bring more addiction and deaths
    11 of 97 votes
  • If drugs are legalised, this will provide an incentive that will make more people addicted
    12 of 97 votes
  • Legalising drugs will bring drug tourism and social disorders
    5 of 97 votes

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