About US

We live in a TL;DR world. We have so much content available to us, layered with misinformation and personal agendas, that we often don’t stop to read or fact-check.

At NITL, we want to create a culture of news consumption where readers think critically about the information they absorb and are regularly exposed to the hidden stories that really matter.

We want you to have an easy, accurate experience of world news without giving up your private information, enjoying "snackable content" through innovative AI, curated by a socially conscious team.

News for the socially conscious. In Three Lines.

Our news stories are aggregated from 50+ sources to provide key short news in English. We have started with a niche of providing news from Europe in English but have coverage in all geogrphical areas to create a global english news app that focusses on socially conscious issues. All this, while maintaining your privacy.

Our team

Maanas Mediratta
Maanas Mediratta - CEO
An entrepreneur, an engineer, and an AI geek

"My inspiration was to create a unique platform where people can enjoy learning about the world, while feeling secure that no one is going after their personal data. Working with smart people, in an environment where we care about each other, enables me to give my 120% and keep pushing onwards and upwards!"

Eloi Gumma
Eloi Gumma - Content Lead
An ex-consultant with education in Political Sciences with passion for media and content

"I am working at NITL to build a platform that promotes critical thinking by showing news from a variety of perspectives and geographies. George Orwell is my reference in journalism and my source of inspiration"

Sarbjyot Singh
Sarbjyot Singh - App Lead
An application developer with passion to make beautiful UI and rich experience

"I believe that NITL will help Gen Z to consume intellectual content in a very familiar way. Working with a motivated team that genuinely cares about the user is my biggest reason to join NITL"

Govinda Kakulapati
Govinda Kakulapati - Content Supervisor
Content passionate architect who also likes to write

"I like working at NITL because the main idea behind it – socially conscious news delivered in a succinct way – is something we need right now in times of information saturation. To be able to help make it a reality has been a great experience. It feels good to be working with a team that focuses on maintaining high levels of quality and brevity."

Vrushti Oza - Content Strategist
A young enegetic content enthusiastic that can make any article fun to read

"With its emphasis on brevity and intellectual engagement, NITL has enabled me to learn with each passing day. I have always believed that NITL is not just an app. but a pool of knowledge and perspectives. Glad to be a part of a community that is transforming the world of news, one three-lined news article at a time."

Shrabani Panda
Shrabani Panda - Content Strategist
Creative young content writer who can write about multiple topics

"I wake up each morning, unlock my phone and scroll through news websites I have been assigned to gather summaries from. My motivation to work for NITL is to save time for my daily routine. Creating news summaries in just 3 lines for the company has become a part of my daily routine as well. "

Latha S.
Latha S. - Content Strategist
Engineer turned writer with a never-quit attitude

"Working with NITL means a lot for an Engineer like me, as it provides a wonderful platform to pursue my dream of writing. I feel every hour of working is as diverse as a new day. The energetic and encouraging team support are the main reasons for my job satisfaction."

Prateek Banga
Prateek Banga - Backend Developer
A student tech-junkie who wants to create the most efficient server

"I love learning new things and have passion for tech and knowledge. I believe NITL is gonna solve the problem of irrelevant news and fake news for all sort of interests. I also was drawn to the power of AI that NITL uses and that is what made me excited to work for NITL. "

Want to be part of the revolution?

If you’re interested in creating a culture of intellectual content consumption with the NITL app, we would love to hear from you!

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